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How Medical Marijuana Farming in Israel Could Help California’s Cannabis Industry


Did you know that Israel has been a pioneer in medical cannabis research and development for more than 50 years?

Join us as we sit down with Iar Reiv to talk about how Medical Marijuana farming in Israel could help california’s cannabis Industry — and Vice Versa.

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Israel is the only country where medical cannabis is integrated within the national health care system. Clinical trials consist of patients consuming cannabis in hospitals and other treatment centers, under guided supervision and instruction.

Under supervision of the Ministry of Health, Israel enjoys a centralized, totally legal medical cannabis program.

Under Israel’s program, eight companies grow and provide medicine to patients who register with them. Currently, cannabis is available out of one main hospital, but under new regulations, it will become available in pharmacies throughout the country. The cost of cannabis is fixed, and covered by insurance depending on the patient’s plan.

While cannabis is essentially decriminalized in Israel, and those incarcerated spend only short periods behind bars, the Israeli movement looks to California for how they best work with their own vast population who needs medicinal marijuana. Compared to the million+ who have a legal licence and prescription for medical marijuana in California- only 25,000 Israeli patients have government-issued “licenses” to use cannabis, for which they qualify after a difficult process of proving that several other pharmaceutical drugs have failed them.

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